Comprehensive financial planning

A comprehensive and insightful overview of your total financial position, including your policies, investments and employment benefits. The needs of business owners, where applicable, are also addressed by our qualified financial planners. Financial planning is aimed at guiding you on your journey to financial freedom. It is a continual process that generally requires regular reviews, ongoing analysis and financial advice bespoke to your needs, objectives and priorities. I need this.

Financial needs analysis and retirement cash flow analysis

An in-depth, technical analysis of you and/or your family’s current and future financial state. Our analyses cover the entire financial planning spectrum, including death, disability, illness, retirement, retrenchment, savings and investments. Our qualified financial planners will also consider your debt and budgetary requirements in their assessment, where applicable. I need this.

Personal and business assurance

To address your personal and/or business insurance needs in the event of you or your business partner’s death, disability, illness, resignation or retirement. Personal insurance concerns the financial future of your family whereas business insurance concerns the continuation of your business, for example, funding the acquisition of a business interest, drafting a buy-and-sell agreement or replacing a key person in your business. Our independence allows us to scout for the best value proposition across all the major life insurance companies in South Africa. A financial needs analysis generally precedes an application for life or business insurance. I need this.

Estate planning and wills

To ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes in the event of your death. Estate planning is a complex field that requires a detailed assessment of you and/or your family’s assets and liabilities. It may include trust advice and structuring aimed at the preservation of assets for future generations. Our clients’ Wills are drafted by fiduciary services professionals who also act as co-executors alongside us in the administration of estates. I need this.

Healthcare benefits

A factual overview of your current medical aid or factual advice should you wish to become a member of a medical aid. Although we are not medical aid brokers, we prefer to look at our clients’ financial affairs holistically as the various facets of financial planning are ultimately integrated. I need this.

Tax planning advice

A thorough review of your personal income tax to ensure that you are utilising all available tax deductions and concessions to your advantage. Highly complex tax enquiries can be referred to our associates who specialise in tax, auditing and accounting. I need this.

Investment planning & advice

A comprehensive review and analysis of your savings and investments, whether compulsory e.g. a pension fund benefit or discretionary e.g. personal savings. It may involve the transfer and/or placement of funds into proper investment vehicles with the aim of helping you to achieve your future financial goals and objectives. We cover a wide range of investments in our planning process, including retirement funds, unit trusts, share portfolios, endowments, cash accounts, offshore investments and tax-free savings accounts. General investment advice, for example, purchasing a property, is also provided where required. I need this.

Retirement planning and Advice

Ensuring that you stay on par with your post-retirement needs and objectives. Retirement planning concerns not only your financial future but also your post-retirement lifestyle choices. It involves a detailed assessment of your current provision as well the target return required in order to meet your objectives at retirement. In addition, we also take the latest tax legislation into consideration in our assessment to ensure that you take full advantage of all available tax deductions. I need this.

Stockbroking facilitation

We provide specialised advice to individuals who would like to invest in individual shares or a portfolio of specific shares. Our clients’ share portfolios are managed in conjunction with Sanlam Private Wealth. I need this.

Investment Management

Our track record in investment management dates back to 2001. As a Category II Discretionary Financial Services Provider, better known as a discretionary investment manager, we offer actively managed investment solutions as well as bespoke solutions to our clients and investors. We have a dynamic, dedicated team of investment specialists who are collectively responsible for the management of client funds apart from performing other investment-related functions such as market research, fund analysis and economic overviews. Our investment funds are available on various investment platforms, including Allan Gray, Investec, Sanlam Glacier and Momentum Wealth. I need this.

Cash management facilities

Investec Corporate Cash Manager has partnered with Point 3 by providing us with a competitive and efficient money management system. Our CCM offerings are ideal for clients who, for example, require a parking facility for their cash, a short-term investment solution or an interest-bearing vehicle for the reinvestment of estate proceeds. I need this.

Pension fund, provident fund and employee benefits structuring and advice

Our comprehensive service offering encompasses benefits provided by employers and business owners to their employees. Offering benefits to employees is one of the best ways to minimise staff turnover and ensure that employees remain secure in their positions. We can assist you as an employer or business owner with various group schemes, including pension funds, provident funds, group retirement annuity funds, preferred compensation schemes and group life insurance. I need this.